Joan Goode Candidate Profile - Association Board of Directors

Joan Goode

Dickens Mitchener
Charlotte, NC 28207


Instagram: @joanbgoode (


Joan, Delano Little
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Joan and Lane Goode Ragnar

Related experience

  • Years as a Realtor®: 18
  • Designations: e-Pro
  • Primary board membership: Canopy Realtor® Association

Positions, committee service, other activities

  • Canopy Housing Foundation Board of Directors
  • Chair Canopy Housing Foundation Committee
  • Chair for Realtors® Care Day Core Committee
  • Chair Strides for Shelter Committee
  • Leadership Academy Graduate
  • Vane Mingle Rookie of the Year Selection Committee

Strongest attributes

I am a good listener because I know how important this can be, not just with my clients, but also with my peer agents and brokers. No matter the situation, the level of stress, I make sure to hear out others.

Most people who know me will say I am a positive person. In our business, we need to promote a strong positive attitude for our clients. Given the challenges our clients are facing with a life changing move, and challenging market conditions, I strive to provide a positive force to support them. And I extend this positive, collaborative approach with other agents.

Candidates’s definition of leadership

Strong leaders lead from the front through their actions. And they empower others to leverage their strengths for a common objective. There is no leadership without a strong leadership team.

Candidate’s vision

The Canopy Association will continue to be impacted by digital forces in the market. We must continue to explore ways we keep our members relevant in the digital age. Its critical not just for our members, but to our clients as well. We must remain relevant and connected. Technology and COVID have changed how we work and interact. The Association can be key enabler for providing a channel of connection for all members in the new hybrid work environment.

Technology also continues to be a critical force for Canopy MLS. The user experience for all members and our clients is reliant upon our MLS system. We must ensure our platform provides the best user experience, especially our mobile application. We must maintain an optimal system relative to data integrity, security, and timeliness.

Canopy Foundation is such a powerful asset for Canopy, and a key reason I am so attached to our Association. I want to continue to build on the relevance we have created in our area through the Foundation. Our housing challenged community will continue to be impacted by the housing affordability gap. Our Foundation must continue to be creative in how we serve the community, including the non-profit partners. Our Foundation's Innovation Award is a great example of thinking outside the box.

A few words from Joan

I am honored to have the opportunity to run for the Canopy Realtor® Association Board.  I am so very proud to advocate for the Real Estate industry where we have the privilege of making our clients dreams come true by finding a place to call home. After 18 years in this business, I know the joys and the challenges faced by both our clients and our profession.  It has been my guiding objective to collaborate with my fellow professionals and ensure equitable treatment for all.

We are facing some very important and impactful changes that will shape the future of our business. I want to represent our association, lead from the front, helping to navigate the changes ahead.  My promise to you is that I will strive to serve every member of our association so that your voice is heard, and our interests are represented. I appreciate your vote and support.

Thank you.


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